Mar 13, 2012

T-62 Tamiya - short build description

This is one of older Tamiya molding (1979) but still really rocking. Kit has many smaller or bigger mistakes, you can easily find them specified in web. However, it's easy to build and enjoyable. I decided to build it as used somewhere at Middle East by unspecified holder. That allowed me to weather it freely.

I decided to maltreat fenders, add fuel pipes, barrels handles, replace hadles at turret with made of tin. Corrected was one thing, incorrect shape of the front of the turret. I made
also a few welds on the hull and texture of the tower with Surfacer 500 and hard brush.

Firstly model was covered with Surfacer. As next step I painted annealed by Sun areas with reddish brown colours. To reveal that with hairspray technique I secured model with acrylic lacqer and applied hairspray. For green colour and to modulate it I used few mixes of Tamiya nad Gunze C paints.

For dusting inner side of the suspension I used mix of glue for terracotta and powdered dry pastels. Dirt like in nooks is made from oil paint spread with floppy brush. Little leaks of oil are painted with Tamiya Smoke. For effect of glass at lights I applied epoxy transparent glue. I added some extra stuff like different barrel from set of chinese barrels by Bronco, bucket by RB Model, towing ropes from Eureka, made of tissue soaked in wood glue and beam made of balsa wood.

Mar 10, 2012

M-47 'Piece of junk' - camouflage shreds

Hairspray technique once again but the last time. I used Humbrol 150 dimmed with 104. And and the same mix for highlights but lightened with Humbrol 34. I did a little mistake during tearing paint. I used too warm water, that removed also some earlier colours but I like result. Next step are oil paints so I covered model with thick layer of glossy acrylic lacquer.

Mar 1, 2012

M-47 'Piece of junk' - first rust

First, I painted the model with black and covered it with glossy acrylic varnish. After got dry I used popular technic of hair spray to get first chips. Used colour is Humbrol 98.

IDF M-51 Super Sherman - FINISH :)

Finally, the finite. Little dusted with airbrush and overall dirt with artists oil paints. Waves at base are made of plasticine, covered with powder from dry pastels.