Nov 4, 2011

F-6D Mustang

Next act of variety... another model. This time plane, F-6D Mustang from Dragon in 32 scale. Well... really crappy model with many funny mistakes. Funny until you try to complete that model.

As first interior, cockpit and engine. Not really correct, but this time I don't care too much.

Nov 3, 2011

IDF M-51 Super Sherman - tracks

For a little variety, I started with tracks. Because original Academy are so awful, I tried to put them in heavy dust.My recipe:
- base of flat black
- strong dry brush with Model Master metalizer
- strongly diluted wash made of Humbrol 113 (apparently rust color:)
- a lot of grated dry pastels in sandy, dusty colours
-gentle fog of pigment fixer from airbrush
-tread repainted with mix of Model Master metalizer and humbrol 113, next with soft pencil I gave them some shine
-tire marks are made with black crayon, smeared with lightly moistened brush
Final touches will be given already on the model.

Nov 2, 2011

IDF M-51 Super Sherman - first painting

I decided to do a little experiment and painted overall with Tamiya XF-58 for green shadows of base color. We will see...